Our Year in Review

Looking back on the 2020-21 school year, there were certainly many moments to remember. Here are just a few highlights from another extraordinary year.

Summer Renovations

First day of school

Launch of Learning in Action

Launch of Arts TV

Thank you Letter from the FA

Virtual Discovery Days 2021

Middle School Creativity Studio

Virtual Alumni Reunions

Red Out Day/Special Olympics 2021

High School Virtual Graduation

High School Examination Results

Elementary School Creativity Camp


Chairman's Report

George Nazi talks about the extraordinary last twelve months at ISB.

Board of Trustees

Honorary Trustees

Leadership Team


Annual Giving 2020-21 As a private, not-for-profit, international school, ISB relies primarily on tuition fees to sustain its core programmes. However, in order to make improvements and implement transformative new approaches the school welcomes additional financial support.

“Through the generosity of ISB community members, past and present, this Fund has allowed us over the years to invest in a wide range of learning projects and initiatives across the campus.”

James MacDonald, ISB Director

During the 2020-21 school year, unrestricted gifts from members of our Alumni community, current parents, as well as Faculty & Staff, were directed towards the ISB Assisted Places Programme. This programme is set up to ensure that our students can continue their education at ISB at a time when their parents are experiencing financial hardship due to a change of circumstances or unemployment. Through the Annual Fund this year, a total of 50,915.93 Euros was raised, of which 31,876.69 Euros was allocated to the ISB Assisted Places Programmes. The remaining 19,039.24 Euros comprised a number of restricted gifts to support the following areas of school life:

  • Learning in the Upper School and Lower School
  • ISB Athletics, including the Thompson Field
  • ISB Arts, including the ISB Visiting Artists Programme
  • The John Norton Scholarship Fund
  • The Joel Dean Fund

Financial Reports

A non-profit school since its founding in 1951, ISB’s enduring success is built on a legacy of sound governance and financial management. Despite year-to-year fluctuations in income and expenditure, through careful multi-year financial planning, we continue to deliver an ISB Experience characterized by: • An innovative educational programme that engages and empowers all learners • High-quality teaching and student support services that ensure excellence in learning • A secure campus and related operational services that support today’s learning landscape.

Overview of Income and Expenses 2020-21


Tuition Fees


Other Scholastic Income


Other Income



Personnel Expenses


Educational Expenses






Family Association

Led by parents in our community, the ISB Family Association builds a well-informed school community where all families are welcomed, encouraged to participate, and all nationalities are celebrated.


zoom hours by volunteers


hours of in-person walks


garden party

As well as 78 volunteers in the 2 Family Association teams, we had 45 additional volunteers this year invested in ISB during this pandemic, to stay connected, meet people, and help the school wherever possible!

Donor Roll

A year in which members of the ISB community demostrated their ongoing support through financial gifts; helping us to pursue our vision of what school should be for current and future students.